Thread Roller Die For Rebar Thread Rolling Machine Spare parts of Rebar thread rolling machine roller

A thread roller is a machine used to create threads on a cylindrical workpiece. It uses a process called thread rolling, which deforms the workpiece material to produce the thread form. This process is typically faster and more cost-effective than cutting threads using a traditional tap or die. Thread rollers are commonly used in the production of fasteners, such as screws, bolts, and nuts.


We accept custom products, please provide thread type.

We can do the Metric thread,UNS Thread,BSW Thread… The pictures of the roller we have done for customers are shown below:
UNC 1''
Our roller is packed in small box, ten boxes in one carton. Wooden pallets will be used in large quantities. Such packing is convenient for transportation. Suitable for Express, Air and Sea transportation.

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