Feedback from foreign customers on JBG-40F rebar thread rolling machine

JBG-40F Rebar Rib-stripping and rolling machine is suitable for construction engineering reinforced mechanical connection, the specification is ф14-ф40mm, HRB400, HRB500 normal hot rolled ribbed bar parallel thread processing.

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The machine adopts low voltage control system, which is simple, safe and reliable.
The screw thread of the machine is designed with spiral angle, which is less than 0.20mm.
The front and back silk share a machine head. When processing the anti-silk, one start, can finish reinforcing steel bar thread rolling.
The ribbed disc adopts the latest patented technology, which can adjust the positioning freely and double the life span.
The thread processing length of machine tool can reach 300mm.
The clamp body adopts full cast steel design, through natural failure treatment, durable, not easy to deform.

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This machine can process steel bars with a diameter of 14-40mm. It can also process 12mm steel bars. Because it has a special machine head. The maximum thread length is 300mm. Different customers have different needs.

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Thanks for the support and trust of our customers. We will continue to do a good job in after-sales work to help customers complete their work.

If you are interested in this machine, want to know more information. Please feel free to contact us. Hope to work with you!

Aileen Cui




Post time: Jul-08-2023