How to Use and Maintain Rebar Thread Rolling Machine?

The rebar rib-peeling and parallel thread rolling machine is designed for processing parallel threads for rebar mechanical connection in construction. It can process HRB335, HRB400, HRB500 hot rolled ribbed reinforced bar.


How to Use and Maintain Rebar Thread Rolling Machine? Be sure to do the following 10 items.
1.The cooling liquid of the machine tool must be water-soluble coolant, and it is strictly forbidden to use oil-based coolant, let alone replace it with oil.

2.It is strictly forbidden to roll threads when the thread rolling machine has no coolant.

3. The ends of the steel bars to be processed should be flat, and must be cut with a toothless saw, without horseshoe feet. And the end should be round and straight within the length of 500mm, and no bending or horseshoe shape is allowed. It is strictly forbidden to use air cutting to cut the material.

4. During the initial cutting, the feed should be even, and do not rush to prevent the blade from chipping.

5. The slideway and slider should be cleaned and oiled regularly to prevent blockage.

6. The iron filings in the drain pan of the thread rolling machine should be cleaned up in time to prevent clogging.

7. The coolant tank is cleaned once every 15 days for normal processing.

8.The reducer should be refueled regularly to maintain the specified oil level.

9. The thread rolling machine should be maintained regularly.

10.During the use of the machine tool, if you find that the water jacket overflow hole has obvious water overflow, you need to replace the water seal in the water jacket in time to prevent water from entering the reducer.

Post time: Jan-13-2022