JBG-40 Fully-automatic rebar rib-peeling and parallel thread rolling machine

JBG-40 Fully-automatic rib peeling and parallel thread rolling machine is composed of 10 parts, including: Machine rack, motor and reducer, clamping, cooling, feeding, blade-opening and  blade-closing, thread rolling head, rib stripping head, electrical control and material-blocking part. Normal operation after connection external compressed air.

The electrical control part is applied PLC programmable control system. Feeding, clamping and material-blocking part are used high quality pneumatic components, which can make sure the machine clamping and machine feeding automatically. Clamping, rib-stripping and thread rolling can be achieved by one button. Besides, the machine increases the material-blocking part to ensure that the length of the processing thread is basically same with the required.

Post time: Jan-14-2023