Patented Product JBG-50 Rebar Thread Rolling Machine for 12-50mm Rebar

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JBG-50 Rebar Thread Rolling Machine is especially fit for long rebar thread processing and large diameter rebar in bridge and tunnel. It can make threads on 12-50mm size rebar and max thread length could reach 120mm.

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JBG-50 Rebar Thread Rolling Machine is designed for processing parallel threads for rebar mechanical connection in construction. It can process HRB335,HRB400 and HRB500 hot rolled ribbed reinforced bar with diameter 12-50mm. In addition to all features of all above types, it is our patented product developed in January 2009, the effective thread length could reach 120mm in maximum.

The Machine is especially fit for long rebar thread processing and large diameter rebar in bridge and tunnel. At the same time,it makes up the shortfall that 40 type rebar thread rolling machine could not process rebar with diameter 12mm and 50mm.

50 machine structure




Processing Rebar Diameter


Motor Power




Spindle Speed


Max Thread Length


Max Output Torque


Cooling Pump Power







1. Both right-handed threads & left-handed threads could be processed with one machine head.

2. It adopts famous brand reducer and motor, the machine performance is superior.

3. All the main parts need to be tested, the quality is better, the service life is longer.

4. The thread precision is high, the conical degree is small, and the thread surface is smooth.

5. The machine is easy to operate,high precessing speed and production efficiency.

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Spare Parts

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1.What is the processing speed of rebar thread rolling machine?
The processing speed depends on many factors, such as worker’s proficiency, rebar grade, rebar diameter, thread pitch and thread length,etc. For example, if processing 60mm thread length on 25mm diameter rebar, it will need 30-40 seconds. If you need high speed machine, we can adjust motor ratio within certain limits.

2.What are the consumable spare parts? What is the service life of spare parts?
Commonly used spare parts are roller and cutting blade. Usually after 1000-3000pcs rebar threads, the roller and cutting blade will wear out.

3.What is the warranty of your machine?
Machine warranty is 6 months. During the guarantee period, if any quality problems occur, we will provide the related spare parts(consumable spare parts not included)free of charge.

4.Can the motor voltage and machine color be changed?
Yes, we can change the motor according to the voltage requirement in your country. Machine colors can also be changed according to your preference.

5.Can you arrange technician to train us in our country?
Yes, we can arrange technical person to have training for you, and the air ticket charge, board and lodging expenses shall be paid by your side.

6.What are the terms of payments you offer?
Payment of the goods should be sent in USD or RMB on the basis of goods value. We accept payment of T/T, L/C, etc.


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