stirrup spiral bender rebar rod circle bending machine steel rod arc bending machine

Short Description:

GWH series rebar arc bending machine is a special equipment of bending for large construction projects, bridges, tunnels, culverts, power stations, subway projects. It has advanced design, simple operation, safe and reliable, low labor intensity and high working efficiency.

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  Product Parameters

Model GWH-10 GWH-32 GWH-40
Voltage 3-380V 50HZ  or customized 3-380V 50HZ  or customized 3-380V 50HZ or customized
Motor Power 3.0KW 4.0KW 5.0KW
Rebar Bending
Diameter Scope
Common Carbon SteelØ5-Ø12mm Common Carbon Steel Ø16-Ø32mm Common Carbon Steel Ø16-Ø40mm
Grade Ⅲ Deformed Bar Ø5-Ø10mm Grade Ⅲ Deformed Bar Ø16-Ø32mm Grade Ⅲ Deformed Bar Ø16-Ø36mm
Bending Speed 20-25times/min 20-25times/min 20-25times/min
Bend Radius ≧75mm ≧300mm ≧500mm
Weight 300kg±5kg 360kg±5kg 600kg±5kg
Dimension 930*730*870mm 900*780*870mm 1180*1000*880mm

Main Features

1. Convenient use: perfect safety performance, standard angle, fast speed, convenient to maintain.
 2. Easy Operation,high working efficiency.
3. Convenient of range adjustment,high accurate,and one-time molding.
4. Fast Speed,safe and durable,high quality copper wire motore,guaranteee a more stable performance.

Structure Principle

For the first time please do 15-30 minutes of no-load operation, inspect all parts  for  abnormal  noises  and  abnormal  phenomena,  is  the  switch  sensitive  and effective.User install feeding station and receiving station on both sides of the machine according to length and radian of the bent bar.When test bending, turn the adjustment hand wheel to adjust driven wheel push-in, gradually bend rebar, adjust to required arc radius, take down the reading on the ruler.





Product Details:



GWH 细节图


Equipment storage and packing

1.  When the equipment is not working for a long time, turn off the power, pay attention to rain and dust, warehouse or cover. All exposed working parts are coated with anti-rust oil. 

2.When  the  equipment  is  shipped,  use  the  lifting  ring  designed  for  this equipment, equipment should be placed stably and secured, anti-dumping, collision, squeezing.





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