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GQ40/GQ50/GQ60 rebar cutting machine is an ideal equipment for cutting. It can be applied to cut the normal
carbon steel rod, hot rolled steel, deformed bar, flat steel, square steel and angle steel in machine processing and construction projects. 

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GQ60 rebar cutting machine is applied to cut the normal carbon steel rod, hot rolled steel, deformed bar, flat steel, square steel and angle steel in machine processing and constrution projects. 

Main Features

The machine adopt high quality copper wire motor, enhanced machine rack, solid machine head, stable operation, no break and no tear of head.Adopt splash lubrication, machine parts are lubricated well, it could continuous work two monthsafter adding gear oil one time.Machine structure is upgraded from double reduction to triple reduction, the shear strength is powerful.Replace clutch system pars from purpose-designed through hole of machine rack, no need t disassemble machine.There is no inverse rotation of electrical control, so it rarely cause machine damage.

Product Parameters

Model GQ40 GQ50 GQ60
Voltage 3-380V 50Hz 3-380V 50Hz 3-380V 50Hz
Motor Power 3.0KW 4.0KW 9.0KW
Motor Speed 2880r/min 2880r/min 2880r/min
Punching Frequency 32times/min 32times/min 27times/min
Cutting Nominal Stroke 34mm 34mm 42mm
Cutting Range Common Carbon Steel≤40mm Common Carbon Steel≤50mm Common Carbon Steel≤60mm
Grade III Deformed Bar≤32mm Grade III Deformed Bar≤40mm Grade III Deformed Bar≤50mm
Max Flat Steel:70*15mm Max Flat Steel:85*16mm Max Flat Steel:100*25mm
Max Square Steel:32*32mm Max Square Steel:40*40mm Max Square Steel:50*50mm
Max Angle Steel:50*50mm Max Angle Steel:63*63mm Max Angle Steel:75*75mm
Weight 440kg±5kg 570kg±5kg 700kg±5kg
Dimension 1280*470*730mm 1440*500*750mm 700kg±5kg

The difference between common cutting machine and special cutting machine:
Blade for common cutting machine
Blade for special cutting machine
Blade to cut square steel or angle steel

Preparing Work Before Use

Please moving by hand, checking whether gear wheel mesh normally and pulley get struck or not.Check whether blade installation right and firm, the gap between two blades should be within 2mm-0.8mm in the same line.Check whether all parts bolts tightened. (big side cover bolt should often check to prevent loose)Check whether electric equipment run normally, to ensure good insulation properties, be careful to use three-phase four wire, guarantee proper grounding.  pulley rotation direction should be keep same with the arrow marked on belt cover.Before using, for new machine should open oil filler cap, adding hypoid gear oil (about 7kg) until two-thirds of oil window.No-load test for 10min, it should be stopped and repaired in time if found abnormal phenomenon.


Q1. What is the motor voltage?
A1: Machine standard motor is 3-380V-50HZ. we also can make motor of 3-440V, 220V, etc.

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