rebar cold forging machine hydraulic high pressure rebar steel cold extrusion machine

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rebar cold forging machine hydraulic high pressure rebar steel cold extrusion machine
Cold extrusion connection is to be connected to both ends of steel bars are put on the sleeve, and then squeeze with squeeze clamp, the plastic sleeve deformation, the two reinforced together to form a tight connection of a mechanical connection.
Applicable scope:construction, reinforced concrete structure construction, high-rise frame construction, ordinary highway,
expressway, ordinary railway, high-speed railway, tunnel, bridge, airport construction, flood control dam, seismic shockproof building, marine breakwater dam.
Main technical Parameter as below:
Crimp size:12-32mm

Voltage:3-380V 50HZ
Motor power:4.0kw
Working pressure: 63Mpa
Working stroke:45mm
Tank volume:36L


Stable connection process, convenient construction, easy operation.
2. Joint’s performance is reliable, quality is easy to check and control, and not affected by welding performance of rebar.
3. The construction is not affected by the weather
4. It is suitable for splicing of rebar in any position and direction (horizontal, vertical, surrounded by dense or diagonal).
5. The extrusion equipment is small volume, light weight, flexible operation, one person can move up and down by a hand to extrusion rebar conveniently.

Machine Spare Parts  

For one size rebar, need one mould, one set mould has 2 pieces.




1. What are the consumable spare parts?
Answer: mould, pressure tube.
2. What is the motor voltage?
Answer: machine standard motor is 3-380V-50HZ. we also can make motor of 3-440V, 3-220V.

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