customized electric rebar thread cutting machine

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JD40 rebar thread cutting machine
Machine Function 
Rebar thread chaser machine is suitable for rebar threading after rebar upsetting.
It can process straight threads of steel bars with specifications of M18-M45.
It fits for HRB400, HRB500 rebar process, for other rebar models, need to check its tensile strength and yield strength.


Machine Advantages
It can complete the rebar threading by clamping rebar in one operation, and the processing speed is fast.
This machine adopts manual control, and the transmission is mechanical.
It has features of simple structure, convenient and reliable operation, and easy to learn.
Rebar thread chaser machine head has unique tool automatic opening and closing mechanism,
one time feed can complete the process, no need to shutdown manually, so greatly improving work efficiency.

The unique tool automatic opening and closing mechanism of this machine head can achieve a one-time feed to
complete the processing process, without the need for manual shutdown, greatly improving processing efficiency.
It is equipped with a synchronous fine adjustment mechanism for four comb knives, which can meet the dimensional
requirements of six levels of precision for steel bar threads.
When each processing cycle is completed, the head returns to the start position manually, and the main motor automatically shuts down after powering off.
Once the next processing cycle starts, the machine head will leave the start position manually, and the rotation will be started automatically,
the operating procedures is simple, safe and efficient.


Machine Parameters



Suitable for Rebar Diameter

Φ16 – Φ40mm

MAX Thread Length


Chaser Thread Pitch(mm)

2.0P for 16mm;           

2.5P for 18,20,22mm;

3.0P for 25,28,32mm;

3.5P for 36,40mm.

Rated Power



 3-380V 50Hz or others

Rotated Speed 


Oil Pump Flow






Machine Spare Parts  

For one size rebar, need one set chaser, one set chaser has 4 pieces.



Q1:What is the machine motor ?

A1:The machine motor is 3-380V-50HZ. but we also change it to 3-220V-60HZ, 3-415V-50HZ, 3-440V-60HZ, etc.

Q1: What is the machine spare parts?

A1: The machine spare parts is chaser.

each size rebar needs one chaser.

Package and Shipping

The machine is packed with plywood case. 

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