Reinforcing steel bar joint couplers High grade rebar couplers

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Reinforcing steel bar joint couplers High grade rebar couplers is used to connect threaded rebar with diameter from 12mm-50mm.

Rebar Coupler Types
1. Standard type;
2. Left-handed & right-handed type;
3. Transition type;
4. Nut-locking type;
5. Wide Mouth type.

Rebar Coupler Specifications(standard type)

Coupler Size(mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Length(mm) Thread Pitch Thread Angle
12 21 38 1.75P 60°
14 21 40 2.5P 60°/75°
16 24 45 2.5P 60°/75°
18 27 50 2.5P 60°/75°
20 29 55 2.5P 60°/75°
22 33 60 2.5P 60°/75°
25 37 65 3.0P 60°/75°
28 41 70 3.0P 60°/75°
32 47 82 3.0P 60°/75°
36 54 85 3.5P 60°/75°
40 59 90 3.5P 60°/75°
50 74 125 3.5P 75°

Advantages of steel rebar couplers:

100% bar break for tensile strength test
The tensile strength could reach 1.1 times of parent rebar
Energy-saving and Easy operation
Quick and convenient operation to shorten the construction period and lower the cost
The rebar coupler prodcucing and rebar end threading will not affected by the weather OEM / ODM service is available.

We use wrenches to connect the rebar and coupler, measure torque with torque wrench or digital display wrench.

The utility model relates to a fastener used for connecting threaded reinforcement in construction engineering The utility model is characterized in that the inner surfaces of the two half rings are respectively provided with a thread groove and a longitudinal groove which are consistent with the thread and the longitudinal reinforcement of the threaded reinforcement, and a semicircular annular groove for adjusting the end of the reinforcement. The two half rings are also provided with a hinge seat with a circular hole and a hinge seat with a conical hole, and the two semicircular rings can be opened or pinned with a circular hinge center and a conical pin The fastener has the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, no need of mechanical equipment and electric energy, can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce engineering cost, and can replace various threaded reinforcement connection methods used now

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We will carry out tension test to ensure the quality of the sleeve before shipment.




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