Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

Short Description:

GF25CNC automatic rebar stirrup bending can bend round steel bar diameter 4-25mm to various geometircs shape as required by consruction. Standard angle, fast speed, convenient of angle adjustment, just need to press the button on the operation panel. Convenient use, light and handy, safe and durable.

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 Product Parameters

Voltage 3-380V 50HZ 3-380V 50HZ
Motor Power 2.2KW 3.0KW
Motor Speed 1440r/min 1440r/min
Rebar Bending
Diameter Scope
Common Carbon SteelØ4-Ø20mm Common Carbon Steel Ø4-Ø25mm
Grade Ⅲ Deformed Bar Ø5-Ø16mm Grade Ⅲ Deformed Bar Ø5-Ø20mm
Bending Speed 20-25times/min 20-25times/min
Weight 92kg±5kg 135kg±5kg
Dimension 800*520*820mm 870*590*870mm

Main Features

1. Convenient use: perfect safety performance, standard angle, fast speed, light and
2. Easy Operation: one man can operate it once switch on the power.
3. Convenient of range adjustment: for GF20 model, just need to shift induced magnet.
for GF20 CNC and GF25CNC model, just need to press the button on operation panel
4. We adopt two foot pedals: 90°and 135°, angle adjustment freely.
5. Fast Speed: rotate speed is 20-25 times/min (GF20), 25-30 times/min(GF25).

Structure Principle

First the motor rotates clockwise, decelerated by the gearbox via V-belt, then the work plate starts to turn drove by the main output shaft of gear box, when reaching definitive angel, angle adjustment assembly (at bottom of main output) cut off travel switch normally-closed contact, cut in normally-open contact or light-controlled received headers; cut contactor of motor clockwise, connect contactor of motor anticlockwise, then motor begins to rotate reversely. When work plate returns to initial position, light-controlled received headers automatic power off, motor stopped, then finished.

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Product Details:

rebar (2)

rebar (3)

Installation and Use

1、Before use it, check if some screws of whole machines including electricity parts loosen or damages during the transportation.
2、Must install earth leakage circuit-breaker and connect earth ground when use it. 3、Usage: (1)It is clockwise rotation when the motor works, and it is anti-clockwise rotation when motor goes back. (2)Adjust the depth of parallelism and gap between the retaining plate and bending workpiece according to bending workpiece diameter. (3)Adjust the induction magnetic of angle adjustment assembly, turn it clockwise, then angle become smaller, and vice-versa. (GF20) (4)Adjust the CNC controller on operation panel, press + to add angle degree, press - to reduce angle degree. (GF20CNC, GF25CNC) (5)We adopt two foot pedals for 90°and 135°(180°), these angles are frequently used.


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